Why You Should Be Careful About Buying a Newly Introduced Car Model

Many car enthusiasts get excited when there’s a new model about to be introduced. But ask these experts if they actually bought the cars rather than just test them. Chances are that they did not even make a down payment or reservation for it. Experts know that it’s not practical to buy a car model that’s just been introduced. Only amateurs make the mistake of getting their hands on the latest car model.

Car companies completely redesign their car models after five to six years in production. They launch a big advertisement campaign to raise awareness and make car enthusiasts excited about what’s to come. But like many things, newer car models can face a series of problems that engineers missed. Remember how you don’t upgrade to the latest iOS when it becomes available because of possible bugs? It’s the same principle that car enthusiasts should apply when buying a newly introduced car model.

Spare Parts Are Harder to Find

Luxury car manufacturers like Volvo only authorize a limited number of mechanics and dealerships. This means that when you need a mechanic, you might have to travel far or pay enormous fees. That’s how it is for new car models, too. No one knows yet how to repair them and even where to look for their spare parts if they break down.

But if you want to be assured of expertise in terms of repair and replacement even in terms of newer models, you need to choose a brand that ensures just that. Looking for someone to repair your Volvo is a breeze because Volvo repair authorized centers have all the updates needed to address possible issues in old and new car models. This only means that picking a new car model also relies on the dependability of the carmaker.

Problems Are Just Starting to Arise

Although engineers test the cars intensively before releasing them to the market, there’s nothing like distributing them to millions of people before the real problems crop up. Then, engineers and mechanics will just start trying to understand how to solve the present car issues. Instead of already knowing what to do with your car, they will start experimenting with yours. How do you feel about your new car being a guinea pig for car mechanics?

Demand Is Higher

Another reason it is extra challenging to buy a new car model is that the demand is higher than normal. Since the carmakers are only going to release a few units of the said car, the price tag is higher than anticipated. Aside from the fact that it will be harder to get your hands on them, car manufacturers will also sell them more expensively because of the hype. You need to pay extra for the privilege of having this new car model. In return, what do you get except for the exclusivity of being one of the first ones to own the said car?

Even your favorite dealerships will sell it for a much higher price. In fact, it will take months before the hype dies down and you can finally see the suggested retail price for the car. It is not unheard of for a dealer to mark up the price by as much as $5,000. Can you imagine paying that much for a car you haven’t even tested?

No Expert Yet

What do you do when you encounter car problems today? Don’t you visit your favorite car blogger and an online forum to ask questions? But here’s another problem when you have a new car model: nobody has it so nobody knows how to answer any problems you might have with it. You can’t go to an online forum and expect someone else to solve the problem for you. Even the best car bloggers will not know how to deal with new problems that crop up from this new model.

And who else do you have to blame but yourself? You can’t ask for help because no one knows what you’re going through or what even is the problem with your car. You have to rely on yourself and on any dealership that knows how to deal with your car problem.

Missing out on Better Deals

When there’s a new car model, expect the older models to go on sale. Dealerships will offer them a better price than their original sticker price. That’s a great deal you are letting go of simply because you want the latest but untested car model. Buying a car is all about the value of your money. What great deals can you get for the price you can afford? If a well-equipped car is within your means, then choose that over a new model that’ll probably give you a lot of problems.

Whenever a new car model is introduced to the market, there will always be some quality issues that need to be addressed. Most of these issues will be evident in the first hundred units. This is why buying a newly introduced model is a big risk.

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