How Auto Detailing Adds Value to Your Car

Auto detailing is now a very common alternative for a car wash. A luxury in itself, it adds more to your vehicle, far beyond what that polished look can offer. Through time, our car’s paint, rubber, and trim degrade. A car wash is not made to reverse age; auto detailing is.

In Utah, one can get their car detailed in a car detail center or through mobile detailing. Salt Lake City, in particular, has plenty of both. Hence, before you seek for their services, learn more on how auto detailing refreshes your car’s value.

Improvement Through Detailed Restoration

1. Reinvigorates and Protects

Time does take a toll on everything. But with auto detailing, your car’s interior and exterior are rejuvenated. By cleaning every surface, correcting paint, removing odor, treating glass, and polishing the outside, your car suddenly becomes brand-new. Since every surface is being treated with the goal of reviving its old look or improving color and finish, your car gets added protection. Usually, a paint sealant is used. Waxing then perfects the finish. Expect protection from harmful UV rays, dust and pollution, as well as the long-term effects of moisture and heat.

2. Enhances and Revalues

Auto detailing, with its objective to revive a car’s overall look, truly enhances a car’s aesthetic appeal. Looking clean and feeling fresh, your car will get that desired comfort. Every ride becomes more enjoyable. More so, you will be safer on the road. This is so with restored windows, wheels, headlights, and mirrors. With all the improvements, of course, your car gets revalued. If you wish to sell your car, you can always ask for a better price. Cars that look old do not receive favorable resale value. Clean, gleaming, and attractive ones do.

Obvious Returns, Better Alternative

cleaning a car

A car wash is the most straightforward option to clean a car. Easily available, it is a universal choice. However, a car wash does not offer a long-term solution to the many issues a car encounters through years of use. Those dents that emanated from overuse and those scratches and discolorations produced are impossible to hide even with power washing. Auto detailing is the ultimate fix.

Cost-wise, a professional detailing job, on average, can range from as low as $100 to as high as $500. Indeed several times more expensive than a good car wash, but the cost covers a more permanent end. It is not like your regular visit to the barber shop. It is a complete makeover. Hence, the value that you gain from your new car can potentially outweigh the costs you have shelled out. The returns are definitely obvious.

Auto detailing sounds like a high-end car wash of sorts. When seeking for a detailing service, find the best. You can get enough information from the National Association for Professional Detailing and Reconditioning (NAPDR) or the nearest local office of the Professional Detailers Association. However, it is still advisable to get references as membership to a professional association may not be sufficient to warrant tried and tested detailing work.

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