Impressing Investors by Showcasing Your Potential

Angel investors, capital funds, and banks are all wary of unproven concepts. They want to see that you understand that there will be a lot of hard work and are ready to put in the time and effort. They want to see a good idea that is worked out and analyzed from every angle.  

Impressing investors is about showing them that you are the kind of person who thinks of everything. Send a limo rental service to pick them up for the meeting, be able to provide their favorite type of coffee during the meeting, and have several suggestions ready for what to do after the meeting.  

This will show your investors that you pay attention to detail, know what you want, and are willing to do the work, and it also shows them that you care about their well-being. Investors who see that you care about them looking and feeling good will be more likely to believe that you will use their money for their best interests.  

It might sound simplistic, but essentially anyone who invests in your business is actually investing in you. So it really is all about how you present yourself and your passion for your business.

Business Plan

Present your investors with an overview of your business plan and have a detailed and exhaustive one ready as well. The overview will tell them if they want to take the time to read the full and detailed business plan. The details of the business plan must outline your goals for the business, broken down into a timeline as well as sub-categories indicating needed projects and

overlaps in activities.  

Sometimes, too much information can be confusing. This is why your overview of the business plan will come in handy. The investors can simply skip to the part of the detailed plan that they want to review more thoroughly. Naturally, you must be able to provide just as much, if not more, details to their questions as the detailed business plan.  

If you are unable to answer them without referring to your business plan, then this will strike a very discordant note. They may suspect that you did not participate in the preparation of the business plan. This will not go well for you as the business owner must be an expert in understanding his own business plan.  

Achievement Portfolio

Investors believe in tangible results. If you can show them proof of success you and your company have had in the field then they will be much more likely to give you the investment you desire.  

Even if your achievements are not in this specific field, the fact that you were successful in the past is a good indicator that you will be successful in the future. Show them your past achievements via portfolio. Focus a significant portion of your presentation on outlining these past achievements and successes and connect how this proves that your future plans have a higher chance of success.  

Highlighting past achievements is also a great way to showcase your strengths and put your investors at ease about your ability to stay dedicated to a project and see it to completion. They will be much less likely to fear a premature end to the business if times get hard. The economy is in a bad state at this time so investors are looking for reliable business people with a proven track record. Your ability to show your perseverance and ability to adapt and overcome could be the biggest selling point you can show them.  

Elevator Pitch

There will be times that you cannot attract an investor to your office to impress in person. They are busy people who will only take the time for pitches that pique their interest. You need to start practicing giving elevator pitches in a calm manner that still communicates the most interesting parts of your business in a way that makes you sound confident. It sounds hard but it is entirely possible.  

Avoid sounding too excited, you will come across more confident if you can keep your head and stay calm even in a situation that is of great importance to you. Also, if you cannot summarize your business plan effectively, then you might not understand it as well as you think.  

Ask yourself what your business does and how it solves the problem it is designed to address. How does this work and why is it better than the competition? Lastly, you should be able to come up with at least 2 or 3 good and solid reasons why someone should put their money into your business.

Attracting investors is about a lot more than simply having a charming personality or a great business idea. No one is going to put their money into a business just because the owner is flashy. In the same way, no one is going to invest in a good idea that lacks vision and planning to execute.  

Mastering the pitch, both presentation and elevator style, shows that you are the kind of person who can execute a plan and deliver results.

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