Owning Exotics: Steps in Owning Your First Exotic Pet

Exotic pets are a delight to every unique individual in the world. They are one way a specific household can stand out in the neighborhood. It’s also something that you can show off to your friends.

It’s estimated that 10% of U.S. households own at least one exotic pet. This number is increasing throughout the years as exotic pets become more widely available worldwide. However, if you’re planning to own one yourself, you’re going to need to do a couple of things beforehand. Preparation is always the key when it comes to earning one of these pets.

Let’s look into the different steps you have to take before owning your very first exotic pet.

Look at Exotic Pet Listings

To get a good look into what you’re getting yourself into, you should first look into some exotic pet listings online. These are going to be platforms where you’re going to find your very first exotic pet.

Many exotic pets have a very different breed than what we are used to, and they are likely to stand out compared to other pets out there. Furthermore, they are also more likely to differ in behavior. Just a word of advice, exotic pets are pretty hard to train, and they won’t quickly warm up to you as domestic dogs and cats would. In most cases, the exotic pet of your choosing is wild and untrainable, so don’t expect to cuddle with it whenever you can.

Once you have a good look into how you can procure your exotic pet, it’s vital that you do some research on it first, before anything else.

Research Your Pet

Researching one’s pet is something most people tend to overlook, and it doesn’t matter whether their pet is exotic or not.

This step is crucial for every exotic pet because they have more unique needs than other pets out there. For example, some exotic pets require their specialized cage or specialized biome to survive. They might also require different kinds of food that isn’t native to the U.S. It’s also likely that they might need some vitamins to help them adapt to their new environment.

Another thing you should research is the veterinarians who can handle exotic pets in the U.S. There are many vets out there, but only a set few can take care of exotic pets. So make sure to contact them before you even consider buying an exotic pet.


Purchasing and Caring for Your Exotic Pet

Purchasing an exotic pet isn’t going to be an easy task. They tend to be quite expensive, ranging from the $600 to $20,000 mark. Some exotic pets even cost above $100,000! So keep this in mind if you want to own one. Furthermore, the cost doesn’t stop there. Depending on your state, you might need to purchase a specialized permit to own a particular pet. Make sure to check this map to see whether if they allow exotic pets in your state or not.

Permits for exotic pet ownership can cost as much as $100, with some requiring you to renew it after a couple of years. So make sure to have some money set aside for that as well. The average annual cost for exotic pet care is usually around $600, so add that to your expenses.

Lastly, if the exotic pet you’ve chosen isn’t native to the U.S., you’ll also have to arrange the necessary transportation for them.


Transportation is one of the trickiest things you’ll have to do when getting your exotic pet. To help you with this, feel free to contact international animal transport services to get your exotic pet to the U.S. Their experience and expertise come a long way in procuring the exotic pet of your dream. However, keep in mind, there are some exotic pets that even these services will say no to, especially if you’re pet is one of a kind.

For that, you might have to make special arrangements to get your pet in the U.S. That means more expenses to shoulder.

The Bottom Line

Okay, let’s review the first things you have to do before getting an exotic pet. First, you get a look into the industry of exotic pets through online pet listings. This will help you get the approximate cost of your chosen pet. Next, do your research about what your pet needs to survive, and look for the right vet.

After you’ve done all of these things, you can then purchase your exotic pet and transport it to the U.S. However, always save enough money for their care, and make sure you can insure them if you can. Once you’ve done all of these things, you should have your exotic pet with you and live a healthy life. Congratulations!

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