Popular Types of All-terrain Vehicles

Utility vehicles might remain endearing for the Kiwis, but the all-terrain vehicles (ATVs) will also have their own massive following. According to market reports, the demand for them will increase by 8.19% annually from 2016 to 2020. Global Market Insights also revealed that by 2024, the industry would sell at least a million units.

Many people like ATVs for a lot of reasons, and one of these is that there are already good options in the market. If you’re on the hunt for one, here are some of the popular choices:

Utility Vehicles

This is probably the most popular type of ATV. In fact, this market segment alone can be worth at least $3 billion in 2024 worldwide. A significant reason is its wide range of applications, such as in agriculture. Farm quad bikes are in demand in New Zealand, where over 40% of its land remains arable.

Quad bikes are much easier to manoeuvre than other common farm vehicles or machinery such as tractors. They are more affordable than the ute, and they don’t need a warrant of fitness as long as they don’t use the main roads.

They are durable and stable, and users can customise them with the abundance of accessories now available. Their tyres are also low-pressure, so they’re less likely to damage the crops. Most of all, they can deal with the changing and challenging farmlands of the country.

Sports ATV

Friends with ATV

The second most popular ATV market segment is sports. Global Market Insights forecasts a compound annual growth rate of no less than 4% within the forecast period (2016 to 2024).

Sports ATVs have greater power and smoother handling than the utility types. These characteristics are essential since drivers often use them for racing on off-road conditions. The vehicles should be capable of performing jumps and deal with bumps.

These ATVs also suit the country’s tourism persona, which is being an adventure destination. In fact, in 2013, about 50% of the international holiday tourists participated in adventure tourism. Meanwhile, 33% did extreme adventure.

Youth ATV

Although still a small market, the youth ATV is a growing one. In fact, its growth is likely to surpass the other sectors within the forecast period. A part of the reason is the availability of quad bikes designed for children. They are smaller with lower power and easier handling. Another explanation may be the popularity of competitions or races that now accept participants of various ages.

Family recreation is another influence. Parents or older siblings, for example, may ride with the younger ones, or they drive separate ATVs but travel as a group to share the adventure. ATVs, though, remain dangerous for the children. A common injury is being run over by the quad bike. In New Zealand, thus, no child below 12 years old should ride or drive such vehicle. Some groups are also calling on banning it to anyone no older than 16.

ATVs come in different brands, sizes, and styles. The likelihood of finding one that fits your needs is high. It’s also possible to modify one to ensure it gives better value to you.

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