Save Money by Keeping Your Workers Safe

It’s in your best interest to create a safe working environment for your employees. Doing so reduces the number of fall and slip incidents that you have to deal with, saving you lots of money.

Getting on-site dumpsters in Salt Lake City creates a safe work environment while saving you a considerable amount of money. Surprisingly, trip and fall accidents are some of the most expensive workplace injuries in the country. In 2016, falls were responsible for 17 percent of workplace fatalities, the highest level in more than 25 years.

Not all fall and trip accidents are fatal, but the resultant injuries are quite devastating. Damages that result from workers falling on the same level can cost employers about $11.2 billion in settlement and compensation. Workers sustaining injuries from falling to lower levels saddle their employer with a $5.9 billion tab.

Have proper lighting and signages

safety signs in the workplaceMost trip and fall accidents happen when someone hits an object on the ground that causes them to lose their balance. Such incidents are rampant in sites with poor lighting as low light makes it impossible to identify the hazards. A worker carrying heavy tools or equipment missing a step when going down the stairs translates into a disaster.

Not only do they sustain severe injuries that will cost a fortune to treat; you’ll also have to repair or replace the damaged equipment. The need to cut down the power bills should not drive you to reduce the safety of your site. Switching to LED bulbs lets you keep the place well- it without incurring a fortune in bills.

Proper lighting helps workers identify any hazards and have sure footing whenever transporting equipment and materials. It also makes it easy for them to determine the safety signs around the premises. Just be sure to use clear safety and directional signs.

Espouse high sanitary standards

In a typical David vs. Goliath situation, it doesn’t take much to send an adult tumbling down, giving them a life-threatening injury. A patch of oil on the floor, scattered debris, loose cables, or a jutting piece of pipe can herald certain disaster.

A simple trip and fall incident could put one of your top talents out of commission and saddle you with hefty medical bills. Matters can only get worse should the injured employee sue you for reckless endangerment. You would incur further costs in legal fees should you be found guilty.

With a little effort, you can create a safe and enabling work environment. A cleanup service can help eliminate trip hazards from your site and keep your workers safe. The cost of procuring such a service is only a fraction of what you’d incur should a worker sustain an injury.

You stand to save a considerable amount of money from each construction project that you undertake if you keep your workers safe. Maintaining a clean and neat work environment keeps trip and fall incidents to a minimum. That means you get to retain your top talents and avoid the hefty medical bills that come with treating the resultant injuries. It also means that you won’t spend most of your time fighting legal charges.

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