You Need to Prep Your Car for a Summer Road Trip

With most of the world still reeling back from the impact of the COVID-19 global pandemic, it hasn’t been without progress, and the vaccination efforts have paved the way for easing health and travel restrictions to spark just enough confidence right in time for summer. And now that the chains have finally been broken off and people actually get the chance to head outside again, there’s no better chance than now to get your itineraries ready and head out for a cross-country road trip.

Furthermore, knowing that transportation will be the cornerstone of any planned summer road trip, we take it upon ourselves to help guide you on what needs to be done for your car to have it ready in tip-top shape and save yourself any unnecessary trouble. And so, we’ll be going over how you can prep your car for a successful road trip and all the little details you might’ve overlooked with all this time spent cooped up inside.

#1 A General Car Maintenance Check Takes Priority

As a good rule of thumb, giving your daily driver a thorough car maintenance check-up should always take priority because what good would a summer road trip do if you end up with a broken-down vehicle in the middle of nowhere and without any signal. From checking the oil to seeing if your current brakes will still hold up and even finding out if the engine is still alive and kicking, you shouldn’t spare any expense because a car that can’t drive is no car at all.

  • Gauge Whether It’s Fit for the Road: While we are very much fans of modding and upgrading vehicles, older cars that have put on quite the miles should always be pursued with caution. You want to gauge whether the old-timer is still fit for a long drive and decide whether general maintenance will be capable of giving it one last run. And if the answer falls sideways, then you might want to start looking for a new car before you make any plans for a trip.
  • Always Better to Consult a Professional: Of course, where you get your car checked and also inspected matters, and it’s always better to consult a professional than just your own intuition. For example, a quick trip to shops like Seven Smart Auto can cover all your bases and even still leave you spare for retrofitting if you want to install much newer equipment. Hence, while we car enthusiasts pride ourselves on experience, there’s nothing wrong with trusting the professionals with the technicals.

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#2 Bring a Trusty Car Survival Kit with All the Essentials

Sometimes the worst-case scenario ends up becoming a reality, and while we do our best to keep that from ever happening, there’s nothing much you can do once it has occurred. Therefore, it’s much better to be prepared even if it doesn’t happen than to be caught unprepared right when it catches you in a stranglehold. So, to keep you and your travel buddies reassured of a wonderful summer trip, we recommend you bring a trusty car survival kit with all the essentials.

  • Anything Can Happen, so Expect the Worst: Although it’s quite impossible to account for every little thing that could go wrong, you want to cover as many possible scenarios. And to do that, we suggest the basic hand tools such as a screwdriver, socket, and screws, jumper cables in case of a dead battery, and a spare tire if one pesky object manages to puncture it.
  • Try Not to Overdo It with the Extra Tools: Unless you can bolster the same amount of space as the new Caddy California, try not to bring the entire garage with you on your summer road trip. The last thing you want to happen is for the survival kit to take up some unnecessary space and impede fun. Plus, being overprepared also has its drawbacks, so travel light!

#3 Don’t Slack on Ready-to-go Entertainment

Last but not least, while having the fundamentals in check is a no-brainer, don’t slack on your entertainment as well because you might end up on quite the boring road trip as a consequence. Remember, the purpose of going on a summer road trip in the first place is to have fun and let loose all that pent-up stress accumulated from staying inside for too long. And worrying too much about the details will cause the fun to waver instead.

  • Double Check Your Infotainment: While most newer models come equipped with an infotainment system to hook your phone to and have music blasting while going out, older cars don’t share the same sentiments. And while Apple’s CarPlay has come a long way in adding new features, it’s much safer to double-check compatibility and see to it that your current infotainment system is still ready to go.

Use this Chance to Have Some Fun, even for just a Bit

Overall, if you have those three specific items squared off from your list, then you’re pretty much set to make up for all the lost time spent chained to your bedroom. So, don’t let this opportunity go past you and have some fun.

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