Budget-Friendly Gifts for the Classic Car Enthusiast in Your Life

Giving a gift to someone with an expensive hobby is difficult. They have it all. And even if they don’t, their tastes seem like they can empty a wallet faster than a 1963 Shelby Cobra can reach 60.

There’s nothing they’d want more than to cruise the streets of New York in the vintage Porsche they plan on restoring. If you don’t have the budget to pitch in for repairs, it’s best to give them an affordable gift they can use in the meantime. Here are five wallet-friendly presents you can give your classic car hobbyist.

A Logo Tee

Nothing expresses a person’s love for a brand quite like a t-shirt. Most automobile brands have official apparel you can buy online. If your loved one is a fan of the older logos or designs, you need to enlist the help of a t-shirt printing company to design a shirt for them.

Keychain or Matchbox of Their Favorite Car

Another way they can show their love for their favorite car is through small accessories. A lot of car brands also have official keychains in their online stores. If you want to give them something more detailed, consider buying a small scale replica of their favorite ride. Brands like Matchbox and Hot Wheels offer a diverse collection of replicas made with quality materials.

A Driving Mixtape

Cruising through the highway to a cool soundtrack is one of the best feelings in the world. Make your loved one feel like a modern-day Steve McQueen with a mixtape made just for them. They probably have a driving mix on their phones, but they’ll appreciate something new to listen to. Use rock and blues songs for afternoon drives. Make them feel like Knight Rider with an electronic playlist for late night cruises. If they still have a cassette player in their car, make a playlist with a real cassette tape. Customize the case art while you’re at it. The more personalized, the better.

New Driving Shoes

Foot pressing a break pedalWhile they may seem like everyday kicks, driving shoes actually help the user push on car pedals with minimal effort. This makes for a more comfortable trip, especially on long cruises. The classic moccasin-like design of the driving shoe hasn’t changed much since it was made popular in the 1960s, and it doesn’t have to. Its ageless silhouette will make your loved one look great on and off the driver’s seat.

Driving Video Games

Video games are more suited for younger car enthusiasts, but the realistic graphics and smooth gameplay of titles like Forza Motorsport and Gran Turismo can impress enthusiasts of all ages. Forza even released a classic cars update last year. You might have to shell out more money on a gaming console if they don’t have one to play on.

People buy classic cars primarily because they look cool. You can give your loved one that slick vibe through simple gifts such as clothing, accessories, or even playlists. Giving presents to the classic car enthusiast in your life doesn’t have to be as expensive as a vintage roadster.

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