Top Nine Car Accessories to Give this Holiday Season

The holidays are just around the corner. Give the gearhead in your life some love and get them some car accessories to jazz up their beloved vehicle. MultiDrift has helpfully compiled a list of nine car accessories that any car enthusiast will love.

Driving Gloves

With driving gloves, you get to keep your hands warm against a cold steering wheel without sacrificing grip. Driving gloves also protect your car’s steering wheel from the dirt and oil buildup from driving barehanded. Get driving gloves that are made from a good quality leather and you’re good to go.

Smartphone Mount

Texting while driving is a dangerous activity. Distracted driving claimed 3,450 lives in 2016 alone. Don’t become a statistic. Keep your eyes off your phone and on the road with a smartphone mount. These mounts will help you focus on your driving while also keeping your phone at the ready in case an emergency comes up.

There are many car mounts available in the market, from dashboard mounts to vent mounts. No matter which kind of mount you get, make sure that it is universal so that you can put any phone in it.

Dashboard Camera

Unfortunately, car accidents happen. In the US alone, there was a total of 6.3 million car crashes in 2015. Aside from possible injuries, talking with the other party in the crash and getting your car fixed through insurance may be a headache. Resolve the matter easily with a dashboard camera. These cameras automatically record and save footage while you’re driving. It is a must-have accessory for any car lover, and for any driver, for that matter.

Keychain and Key Finders

How can you drive without your car keys? Never lose your keys again with keychains and key finders. Key finders are small electronic devices that attach to your keys and connect to an app on your phone. You can track down your keys using GPS with key finders.

Car parts and Accesories for the Holidays

A Good Tool Kit

Every car lover needs a good set of tools for when they’re working on their car themselves. Get your car enthusiast a complete set of tools that they can use instead of rummaging through the random assortment of tools they’ve accumulated over time.

Memory Foam Neck Pillow

Keep your car lover comfy with a nice, soft memory foam neck pillow. Driving can be stressful and a memory foam neck pillow can help relieve some of that stress and pressure. When getting a memory foam neck pillow, opt for a high-density foam one for better support.

Blind Spot Mirrors

Everyone has a blind spot. Cover yours with a blind spot mirror. This small, convex mirrors attach to your side mirrors and are extremely helpful in limiting your blind spot areas. They provide better visibility that can save you from accidents.

Flat Tire Sealers

Flat tire sealers are there to help you during an emergency flat tire. These work by spraying a safe and non-flammable formula over a hole in your tire, inflating and sealing the puncture in seconds. It’s only a temporary fix, but it is very helpful and will save your rims from getting bent out of shape until you make a permanent change.

Console Side Pocket

Keep your car organized with a console side pocket. These side pockets fit right in between the seat and the console, ensuring that your odds-and-ends are in one place. Most console side pockets come with a coin pocket and slot to handle loose change, as well as an extra cup holder and pocket to hold your phone, wallet, and other accessories.

These gifts are sure to get any car lover’s heart racing! Make the gearhead in your life happy this holiday season and get them any one of these accessories they’ll definitely love.

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