The Wrecking Power of Unpaid Speeding Tickets

When a traffic cop nails you with a radar gun for speeding, you can view it as a minor annoyance, pay the fine, and learn your lesson. Well, that will only happen if you’re in good financial standing and can afford to pay the fee.

On the other hand, if your finances are not up to scratch, a traffic ticket opens an entire can of worms that can send you careening off a cliff. The state often imposes penalties for traffic offenses to help bring sanity on the road. Parting drivers with their hard-earned money has proven to be quite useful in getting them to toe the line.

Spiraling Costs

When a speeding ticket shows up in the mail, the last thing that you want to do is to tear it up in a fit of anger. It’s in your best interest to pay up and be free of the obligation to the state. A speeding ticket is a time-sensitive matter; failing to heed the deadlines results in additional punishment. You can go to jail or risk losing your license.

Unfortunately, most people fail to pay their tickets because they can’t afford to do so. People of limited means are often saddled with a snowballing amount of debts due to court fines that result from an unpaid traffic ticket. What started as a minor traffic offense ends up ruining innocent lives.

Time Behind Bars

Man holding the prison barBeing cited for a speeding misdemeanor can see you spending some time in the slammer. Going 26-34 mph over the speed limit earns you a Class B misdemeanor, and going more than 35 mph is termed a Class A misdemeanor. What you might not know is that a misdemeanor is more severe than a typical traffic violation and carries the potential for jail time.

A Class B offense can put you away for six months, while a Class A one can mean spending a year in jail. If you can’t afford to pay the ticket, the state might suspend your driving license, leaving you without means to get around or get to work. Unpaid tickets can make police officer show up and escort you to jail.

Ruined Lives

If you live far away from your place of work, you’ll need a reliable means of transport to get you there on time every day. For most people, that means having a car at their disposal. After a run-in with the state, you can have your driving privileges revoked.

Failing to show up for work earns you a summary dismissal, leaving you without a source of income. It sets the stage for an unfortunate series of events that can leave you homeless.

In the end, as tempting as it is to push your car to the limit, doing so can prove disastrous. A simple speeding ticket can leave you with hefty fines and negate your driving privileges. In the worst-case scenario, you will have to spend some time behind bars or lose your livelihood. Before that happens, you should seek the help of a lawyer.

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