A Look into Owning a European Car in the United States

A majority of people living in the United States opt to acquire locally manufactured vehicles. The reason is that owning a locally manufactured vehicle increases the ease with which the owner acquires spare parts and even insurance premiums for the vehicle. Generally, an owner of a locally manufactured car spends lower maintenance costs than if he or she owns a foreign car in the U.S.

Car maintenance

Rush Diesel & Automotive knows that this is often the most challenging part of owning a foreign car. Foreign car owners often have to import car spare parts. This means a higher repair cost and a more extended period of repair. The mechanic has to wait for the spare parts from other countries to arrive before he can work on the faulty vehicle. However, this must not always be the case.

There are several mechanic shops in Salt Lake City, Utah, offering repair services for European vehicles. The services include puncture repair and tire replacement, auto repair, and other forms of performance diagnostics. This means that as a foreign car owner, you no longer need to stress about locating a mechanic that is versed with foreign car models. These mechanic shops are expected to have the spare parts needed to fix your foreign vehicle. You just have to make sure that the mechanic shop you choose has dependable and experienced mechanics who can fix the issues in your car properly and efficiently.


There is legislation that governs the use of foreign cars in the U.S. It includes the use of foreign number plates, whereas others are concerned with the steering wheel position. The laws allow a visa holder living in the country to drive a vehicle using foreign number plates for a maximum of one year. Beyond the allowed period, it is expected that the car owner will make the necessary applications to obtain U.S. number plates for his or her car.

When importing a foreign-market car, it has to be more than 25 years old; otherwise, a person in the U.S. cannot be allowed to own one. If you disregard this rule, there is a corresponding penalty. Your foreign car can be seized or even destroyed by United States Customs and Border Protection (USCBP). Before you can totally enjoy your car, it will be taken away by the authority. Make sure that you follow this 25-year import rule if you want to own a foreign car in the U.S. without problems.

Insurance premiums

Driving in the curve

Insurance premiums vary depending on whether the car in question is local or foreign. Usually, foreign car models are charged higher premiums. This may be related to the cost that an insurance company is likely to meet in the event that the car is involved in a road accident.

The number of people opting to purchase foreign car models grows every year. This may be attributed to the increasing number of auto repair shops providing foreign car maintenance services. People are, therefore, no longer worried about where to get a mechanic when their car breaks down.

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