Top Car Accessories for Camping Enthusiasts

Camping at the Canyons, on campgrounds, in forests, and nature trails have one thing in common: they invite you to forego urban comforts for even just a night and rough it out with only the most essential of items at your disposal.

Roughing it out and going back to the basics doesn’t mean depriving yourself of every modern comfort there is. You can, for example, sleep in a tent while wrapped safely and warmly in a sleeping bag.

With that in mind, here are five car accessories that can make camping easier and more enjoyable for you.

Grille guard

Custom grilles are add-ons every camper needs to invest in. Their primary purpose is to protect the front end of a vehicle from bumps, dents, scratches, and other forms of damage that can result from exposure to harsh elements. They do a great job of protecting a vehicle’s engine from
attacks from huge, wild animals
 like moose and deer. Surely, you’ll want to protect your vehicle even if you’re driving a used pickup truck from a car dealership.

You can also find plenty of other uses for grille guards when you set up camp. For example, you can secure one end of your hammock or clothesline on the topmost bar of your grille guard and tie the other end to a nearby tree. It also doesn’t hurt that these accessories give cars a rugged look that fits camping perfectly.

Roof racks

When you’re a regular camper as well as an outdoor sports enthusiast, you need to install a roof rack on your car. It gives plenty of storage space, especially for camping gear and equipment that don’t fit inside your vehicle. Tents, skis, surfboards, and heavy luggage are some of the most common things people stack on roof racks. Here’s a tip: if you have the option to choose between a customized rack and a pre-made one with a plastic cover case, go for the customized. You can maximize the space on your roof better this way. In contrast, a generic roof rack with cover has a limited capacity and will only be able to hold items that fit in its confines.


Bike racks

These are a must-have if you’re also a cycling enthusiast. Campgrounds these days (especially those along the Canyon roads in Arizona) are near bike trails. If you’re the type of camper who likes to do outdoor activities like cycling while camping, then you need to install bike racks at the back of your truck or SUV.

Running boards

While not precisely crucial for camping, these are useful additions for trucks and SUVs with an elevated floor. The running boards function as “footstools” for short people and help passengers get a sure footing so that they can easily climb in or disembark from their car.

Bed Accessories

If you drive a pickup truck, bed accessories can make your camping much more enjoyable! Examples of bed accessories are toolboxes (which resemble drawers), side rails, and sliding racks. These give you secure and organized storage spaces, which are very useful when you bring a lot with you when camping. These cubbies can hold things like cooking tools, first aid materials, and other essential camping must-haves.

Consider installing these five accessories to your camping truck or SUV so that each camping trip you take will be a lot more enjoyable.

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