Use These Four Accessories on Your Car to Extend Its Life

On average, a car’s lifespan can last up to 12 years, considering that it lasts 200,000 miles (ca. 321,869 kilometers) or more. But if you know how to properly maintain your car to keep it in optimal performance at all times, it might be able to exceed that average lifespan.

It takes more than good habits to keep a well-oiled machine such as a car running. Sometimes, you will need the assistance of helpful tools and accessories to perform the maintenance more efficiently. Find out how you can use these four accessories to extend the life of your car.

Portable Vacuum Cleaner

Sometimes, dropping crumbs from the food you eat inside the car is unavoidable. Drinks or other liquids that you carry inside your car can spill and damage your car’s interior. Before such contaminants leave permanent damages on your car, you should clean them up.

You can find a lightweight and compact vacuum cleaner that you can keep inside your car for minor emergencies. Make sure that it’s easy to use and portable so that you can carry it with you anywhere you go. Cleaning your car’s interior can be much easier to do with a reliable vacuum by your side.

Most models will allow you to plug the handheld device into the car’s 12-volt outlet, as well as ensure that you can clean up both dry and wet particles. Having a powerful vacuum cleaner inside your car can help you maintain your vehicle’s cleanliness and lengthen its life.

Floor Mats

You might think that there isn’t much you can do to protect the carpeting of your car. After all, it’s there to receive the bulk of the dirt from the outside world that rides on your shoes. But you might be surprised that there are accessories that can serve as another layer of protection for your car’s carpeting.

Floor mats are very useful in keeping the dirt off your interior carpeting because they are easy to remove and clean outside the car. For instance, rubber waffle-style mats are perfect for winter seasons because they stay in place to collect water, slush, or mud, and they don’t allow liquids to seep through the material.

Another version is the carpet-style floor mats which can be more identical to the carpeting you already have. These are better for dry seasons, where only dirt and soil can hang onto your shoes. When the mats are filthy, you can easily remove them to shake away dirt or be washed away as needed.

For pickup trucks with cargo beds, having a spray-on or drop-in bed liner can go a long way to protecting the vehicle. These are durable materials that provide a lining on top of the cargo bed that has optimal impact absorption and can prevent corrosion, leaks, or rust from building up inside the truck.

Mirror Dash Camera

Having a dash camera for your car can not only protect you by providing evidence in the unlikely event of accidents, but it can also save you the hassle of craning your neck to see your rear sides. Most camera models are equipped with front-view and rearview footage that you can access from your rearview mirror.

Make sure that you buy one with wide-angle lenses and high-quality cameras so that you can see what’s happening around you clearly. That’s ultimately the reason for purchasing a dash camera, isn’t it? Some models even have potential fatigue monitors that can alert you when you have been driving continuously for more than two hours.

A mirror dash camera might just be the accessory you need if you’re frequently getting scratches on your bumpers and sides because you have difficulty gauging the distance. With a front and rearview monitor, you can avoid damaging scratches and accidental crashes against your bumper.

Car Cover

The paint is the first layer of defense that any car has against natural elements, as well as eventual wear and tear. Your paint can prevent rust and corrosion build-up, along with giving your car a well-kept appearance as you drive down the street.

However, the paint can only do so much until it breaks down and fades because of constant exposure to ultraviolet rays. It can also be easily scratched because of fallen tree branches or minor collisions, and it’s vulnerable to bird droppings and dust.

Fortunately, car covers were invented to add another layer of protection to your car when it’s not inside your garage. Car covers are made from a special fabric that makes them resistant to water as well as heat, although only to a certain extent. Covers are also portable, which means that you can keep them in your car and use it as you please.

Buying your vehicle must have cost you a lot of time and money; as such, you should take care of it so that it can live a long life. It will be foolish to throw away your money by neglecting your vehicle, even more so because there are plenty of ways to maintain its condition without breaking your bank.

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