Everything to Know About the Ford F-150 Lightning

The F-150 Lightning is one of the most hyped EVs in the market. For many, it’s going to be the first EV truck they will purchase. It looks like the progenitor of EV trucks and the godfather of many more in the future. But what do you exactly know about the F-150 Lightning? For starters, we know that it will look like the traditional F-150 but with an added, futuristic twist.


If you’ve seen Ford’s F-150, you’re not going to notice much difference with the F-150 Lightning. This is because Lightning shares the same body. It looks sleek in its own right, without losing much of the Ford identity. It has a stout face and a compact body, a suitable identifier of many Ford pickups.

What makes this particular EV stand out is its back. The F-150 Lightning has a beautiful bumper and good-looking taillights to accompany it. No other pickup has the same look as the F-150 Lightning. However, that’s not the only reason this vehicle is considered top of the line. It’s because of its perceived performance. You’d be shocked as to what this EV pickup can do.


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The Lightning might have gotten most of its appearance from the regular, diesel-powered F-150, but that’s where the similarities stop. Instead of having a gasoline-powered V-6 or V-8 powered engine, the Lightning has two electric motors and two battery packs. This is the standard for many EV pickups out there, but this doesn’t mean that it performs similarly to other EV trucks in the market.

The Lightning’s two electric motors and standard-range battery push it to 426 hp. However, with the extended-range battery, this ranges the bar to 563 hp. It looks good in the engine department, but it doesn’t stop there. The peak torque of this EV truck can reach an astounding 775 pounds per foot. We have to remind you that this is coming from an EV truck. It performs almost similar to the gasoline-powered F-150 with no drawbacks.

It’s time to talk about range. The Lightning can go as far as 230 miles per charge with the standard battery, and the upgraded extended battery can go as far as 300 miles per charge. It can all be charged at home through the use of 110 and 220-volt outlets. Commercial charging outlets in the road can do a full charge from zero within an hour or so.

The range and charging time don’t look all that amazing, but it can still get the job done because once you see its price, you’ll see that the main strength of this EV truck is in its affordability.


The cost of Lightning makes it such a fantastic choice for those planning to use it for their business. The base model is priced at an affordable $41,669, making it cheaper than the average cost of traditional pickup trucks in the market. The XLT version, which has better performance than the base version, is $54,669. While the Platinum version, which has all the attachments and an extended-range battery, costs about $92,000.

It’s quite clear that the models above the base model are expensive for a reason. However, it’s unclear whether they’re worth getting over the base model. The only probable reason why you’d get the XLT version is that it gives you access to the extended-range battery for $10,000. The base model can’t have this upgrade. However, purchasing the Platinum version for $92,000 just for the extended-range battery and better attachments might not be all that worth it.

Where to Buy Them

Once the Lightning goes out (hopefully this year), it’ll be available in almost every car dealership out there. However, this particular pickup is perceived to be one of the best lifted trucks for sale in the market when it does come out. So make sure you get in line as fast as possible before people start getting their hands into this majestic vehicle.

The F-150 Lightning will be one of the best EV trucks in the market once it is released into the market. Alongside the current administration’s plan to add more charging outlets in the country, it seems that EV trucks are the way to go into the future. However, the F-150 Lightning is going to have stiff competition.

The upcoming GMC Hummer EV release will be a tough challenge for the F-150 because if the rumors are true, it can outperform every EV truck in the market by a considerable margin. However, its release is estimated to be around 2024, which can give the Lightning the spotlight this year.

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