Four UK-Made Products That Appeal to International Consumers

Many images come to mind when one thinks of the UK — cups of tea, the Queen, fish and chips, the Buckingham Palace guards and maybe even rain. As it is an extremely beautiful place rich in culture and history, many tourists flock to the country every year, excited to see what the charming streets, world-class museums and royal parks have to offer.

Aside from beautiful landscapes and national symbols, have you ever thought about the products that the UK is recognised or regarded for around the world? According to government reports, UK exports continue to grow at faster rates than top competitors, a clear indicator that UK-made products are in demand all over the world.

Check out these five unique UK-made products that pass through the surfaces of truck loading conveyors and are loaded onto delivery trucks worldwide.


For many people outside of the UK, Marmite is quite a controversial condiment. It’s a ‘love it or hate it’ spread, much like the debate on whether pineapples should be on pizzas or not. However, whether people think it’s disgusting or not, the iconic British spread continues to rise in popularity. Today, it can be easily ordered off Amazon or bought in major grocery retailers in the US such as Walmart.

Marmite’s popularity has also inspired other countries to create their own versions of the condiment. Australia has Vegemite and Sanitarium, a Kiwi company, sells its own version of the spread.

Aston Martin

Founded by Lionel Martin in 1913 in a small London workshop, Aston Martin has become a luxury brand admired all over the world. While the car company has gone through bankruptcy and being owned by Ford at one point, it’s now back under British ownership and remains one of the legendary marques in history.

There is a reason James Bond often owned an Aston Martin in the famous movies. Like the fictional spy, the cars represent a brand of sleek sophistication that commoners can only dream of. As the company’s slogan says, it has power, beauty and soul.

Cadbury’s Dairy Milk


The nation’s favourite milk chocolate bar is not only loved in the country, but it’s gobbled up by children and adults alike worldwide. The famous purple-wrapped bar is the most popular chocolate bar in Australia and other countries such as India and China. Cadbury can also be found in more than 40 countries and its Facebook page has over 15 million fans.

Dr Martens shoes

From street fashion to high fashion and school shoes to work wear, Dr Martens boots have become part of British culture. Due to the English footwear company’s ability to adapt and embrace change while maintaining their iconic branding, the boots’ fearless attitude and enduring utilitarian appeal are well-loved and always in demand. Their products remain a classic in the fashion industry and are worn by people from all over the world – be they celebrities, fashion bloggers, workers or children.

The ‘Made in Britain’ label remains strong around the world. In many Asian countries, British goods are hailed as the pinnacle of quality merchandise. While there are many entering the country from other countries, it’s safe to say that UK-made goods remain among the best in the world.

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