Hiking Is One of the Most Favourite Recreational Activities of the Kiwis

When you have the beaches of the North and the mountains of the South, it’s not surprising why many New Zealanders prefer to spend their time outdoors. Around 94% of the adults engaged in a recreational activity. One of these is hiking.

The Popularity of Hiking in New Zealand

The temperate climate, the warm sunshine, and the access to a variety of trails make hiking a growing activity in the country. From 2015 to 2016, at least 100,000 people trooped to the Great Walks. It represented an increase of over 12% than the previous year, Robin Martin reported.

The Great Walks referred to nine trails that take you through some of the most iconic locations and gorgeous sceneries. These include a hike to the Lake Waikaremoana Track. It can take you through an ancient forest and bless you with dreamy sunsets.

The nine complex trails can take a few days to complete. The shortest of them is Rakiura Track and Routeburn Track, which take less than four days.

But there are also shorter routes, which you can access by vehicle. They can invest in Isuzu Utes. They may be commercial vehicles during the weekday and a personal truck on the weekends and holidays.

Families can then hike the short trails, which may take around 3 hours to do. Beginners or have less tolerance to heat and walks can opt for the 30-minute recreation. They can also combine other activities. These may include visiting nearby farms or riding horses.

Stuff.co.nz also revealed how the Department of Conservation earned almost $5 million in fees for huts within 14 days. Meanwhile, about 75% of the visitors walk.

The Reason

Why is walking or hiking popular in New Zealand? There are many factors. One of these is the accessibility of the trails. Even some of the multi-day locations can be reached in less than 1.5 hours. It is also part of the culture and heritage of the country. Ever since the Kiwis have felt a deep connection with the environment.

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