Quick Questions and Answers to Help Your Child Choose Their First Car

Aside from your child’s graduation or the first time they are hired for a job, owning their first vehicle is an important achievement for them. As a parent, you would pick only the best for your child and, as much as possible, the most reasonably priced. However, this may or may not sit with them well. It is important to let them decide because part of growing up is making your own decisions and living with the consequences. Help your child by asking the following questions for the best possible outcome:

Are you ready?

Before buying any car, it’s important to get their mindset established first. Car maintenance is not an easy task and may cost them, depending on the make and model of their selection. There should be a clear disclosure that everything should be handled by them with you only giving advice from time to time. It should be understood that it’s their responsibility to care for the car and provide for the expenses that it involves. This is especially true if they already have their own salaries or means of earning. If you still choose to help them in certain car care aspects, be specific on the services and financial limits of your assistance.

What vehicle would you like?
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After getting their commitment, ask them what car they would prefer and why. They should be able to mention the features and viable reasons why they have chosen a particular make and model. This is essential in getting them ready for the responsibility since different cars take different methods of handling. Do they prefer automatic or manual? Is there any specific model they want? Be clear that you won’t be saying yes to what kind of vehicle they prefer if their only reasons are aesthetics, price, or social pressure. Most importantly, give your own preferences, such as a Volkswagen vehicle and service, then discuss the pros and cons of both your choices and your child’s finalist.

How would the car be paid?

Paying for your child’s first vehicle may or may not be a good idea. On the one hand, you want to provide for your family as much as you can. On the other hand, you also want to instil the financial responsibility for paying at least part of the vehicle so that they have that feeling of achievement as well as the urgency to take care of what they have paid for. One good option, though, is to make the car a promised gift or award for a certain achievement that they are wishing to complete. This can be used to continuously motivate your child to reach for their goals and, at the same time, appreciate the support that you’re giving them. In any case, you may want to have a thorough talk with them about how the purchase and payments will be set up.

Being a parent continues even after your child has already grown and is already independent. These tips can guide them to a wiser and economical decision and, most of all, pave the way to becoming a responsible car owner. Since you love your children and you wish to show them evidence of that, make sure to help them make a wise decision with their vehicle acquisition, maintenance, and care while still trusting them enough to make their own choices.

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