Keep Wear and Tear at Bay: Protecting Your Car’s Interiors

When people think of car depreciation, they have the impression that it’s just about the engine and the exteriors. But it’s more than that; you also have to consider the interiors of the car; these are also considered when valuing a vehicle.

Most people regularly wash their automobiles, but they often forget that their car’s interiors also require proper protection and maintenance. These parts of your car get the most wear and tear, as you and your passengers constantly use them.

So what can you do to keep your car’s interiors in top shape? You can do a lot of things. If you are looking for ways to make sure that the interiors will always look good, you should remember the following tips.

Turn your car into a no-food zone

From the get-go, turn your car into a place that prohibits food and drinks. You, your kids, family members, friends, and even co-workers have, at some point, eaten or consumed beverages inside the car. And that has left stains that are hard to remove. French fries may leave oil stains, while splashes of milkshake and coffee may leave marks on the chair and the ceiling of the car. This may be quite hard to impose, especially if your passengers have been used to such habits. So, explain things carefully; they will surely understand your objective.

In case you and your family can’t help it, make sure that you have the right wiping materials at the ready. Wiping the food stains with tissue or paper napkin may leave scratches or marks, as these materials are quite rough and porous. Instead, wipe them off with a microfiber cloth or old t-shirt cloth.

Apply leather conditioners

Most cars have leather seats. If yours is using this type of material, take care of the leather by retaining its natural moisture. You can do this by applying protective leather conditioners. You can use brands, such as Lane’s Liquid Leather or Leather Honey. Apply the solution by putting a light or small amount on your microfiber cloth. After wiping the solution onto the surface, you may notice that a wet film may develop. Allow the leather to soak in the material and dry fully before sitting on the chair.

Block the sunlight

car tint installment

Because your car’s seat is probably leather, you can only expect that its color will fade over time. But don’t hasten it by letting the sunlight get to it. Sunlight and heat may cause the leather to get dry and crack. Other than applying conditioner to the seat, you may also want to use a high-quality window tint sourced from a reputable tint shop.

Get floor mats

Don’t forget the car’s floor. Certain dirt types, such as drinks, mud and dust, may leave a permanent stain on your car’s floor. Prevent this from happening by using rubber floor mats. These materials are also easy to clean in case dirt and debris have already accumulated.

Vacuum the car

Your car interiors are prone to dust and small debris that may even leave scratches on your leather seat or window. When cleaning your car’s interiors, don’t just use a duster. Give it some deep cleaning by using a vacuum cleaner. You will be able to get rid of crumbs, and dust stuck between the crevices of the car’s seats.

Keep these habits in mind

Protecting your car’s interiors should be part of your overall car care habits. Not only will it help you in justifying your car’s resale price, but it will also help you make it a comfortable space to ride in.

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