Why You Need to Install a Hitch on Your Vehicle

A lot of people think that a hitch can only be used for towing vehicles. Surprisingly, a hitch has several other uses. Some of the applications may have never crossed your mind. But after reading this article, you will have all the reasons for investing in a quality hitch installation in Salt Lake City. Some of the things you can mount on your hitch include:

A hitch step

The step enables you to load and offload items from your truck with much ease. You can even install the step on the front part of the truck to gain quick access to the engine compartment.

Picnic tables and chair

You probably pack foldable picnic tables and chairs when driving for long distances or camping. Why don’t you mount these tables or chairs on the hitch instead? This way, you have more space for other items for the trip. Plus, when they’re on a hitch, tables or chairs are suitable for impromptu dining or resting.

Canoe hitch rack carrier

The hitch rack will enable you to carry your canoe with much ease. You can enjoy a warm summer day canoeing in the lake. You will have a chance to enjoy nature, exercise, and spend quality time with your family or friends. Moving such large items without a hitch is not possible.

Charcoal barbeque grill

It’s easy to mount a portable barbeque grill on your hitch. You can use the grill for cooking food like hamburgers, hotdogs, and a variety of vegetables. Food cooked in charcoal grills usually have sweet flavors, so that’s a plus.


The bumper protects you and your car from rear-end collisions and being hit while parked. It also protects some of the car parts like cooling system, exhaust, grille, and trunk. Adding a hitch to the bumper is another safety measure, as it creates another layer of separation between your car and other vehicles, walls, or other spaces.

Winch mount

You can use a winch mount to pull a stuck vehicle. You can also use a winch to move more massive objects like trees and even to dislodge tree trumps. When towing another vehicle, it is crucial to hitch the car to yours properly and ensure you have a good view when changing lanes. Also, ensure that the vehicle is not swaying as this may cause an accident. It takes confidence to tow another vehicle, especially on busy highways.

Cargo carrier

Hitching on cargo truck

Do you have a lot of stuff that cannot fit in the trunk? Well, worry no more. A cargo carrier mounted to your hitch will carry your extra luggage. If you are going camping, you can bring your tents and bags on the carrier.

Bike rack

If you are a bike enthusiast, then this is good news for you. Bike racks come in different sizes, each with the capabilities of carrying several bikes. If your trunk is too small for a bike, don’t fret. You can still bring your bikes on vacation by mounting a bike rack on a hitch.

A hitch has so many benefits. It makes life easier and adds fun to it. If you have one, it will be almost impossible to want to go back to not having one. Imagine missing out on everything we have discussed above.

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